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Residential Maintenance Contract

This Maintenance Agreement is for (2) visits per year. The services listed are to be performed in the Spring & Fall. The price for this Maintenance Agreement per unit is $150.00, which includes filters. Any service calls outside the scope of this agreement are billable at our current labor rate of $95.00. Any additional parts or materials necessary including freon; must be approved by you, the customer.

Advantages Provided to Allied’s Priority Customer
  • 10% Discount on parts needed!
  • $95 trip/diagnostic fee is waived on service calls for the duration of this contract!
  • All visits to perform maintenance are scheduled with you-No showing up unannounced!!
  • Written quotes will be provided for any major work needed.
Fall Heating Cleaning & Tune-Up
  • Inspect gas valve for corrosion, leaks, restriction of gas flow, and abnormal noise: Ensures safe operation
  • Inspect pilot safety/thermocouple/igniter: Ensures safe operation
  • Visually inspect combustion chamber: Ensures proper fuel combustion, prevents carbon monoxide leakage, and improves performance
  • Check for proper operation of high limit control: Extends equipment life and helps prevent overheating
  • Lubricate blower motor and bearings (where applicable) and check for excessive and play: Reduces noise and extends equipment
  • Check air filtration system: Improves performance and efficiency, and extends system life
  • Check gas burners operations: Increases efficiency and provides fuel savings
  • Clean pilot light and check for proper operation: Ensures quiet, efficient operation
  • Check burner assembly for proper alignment and operation: Ensures lowest operating cost and reduces the production of carbon monoxide
  • Check gas pressure to manifold: Ensures maximum heat capacity, extends furnace life, and improves safety and reliability
  • Test fan control for proper operation: Ensures maximum comfort and heat exchanger life
  • Measure temperature rise across heat exchanger: Ensures proper airflow and maximum heat exchanger life
  • Check flue and venting for obstructions and carbon monoxide leaks: Ensures safe operation
  • Service wiring assembly and tighten loose connection: Helps avoid breakdowns, improves safety, and extends system’s life
  • Check thermostat heat anticipator (where applicable): Ensures proper thermostat operation and greater comfort
  • Check for gas leaks and around connections: Improves safety by preventing gas leaks that could cause fire and explosions
  • Inspect indoor cooling coil (for signs of leaks): Determines whether water is leaking on to furnace due to dirt and/or lint
  • Check for proper operation of inducer motor (if applicable): Ensures safe, efficient operation
  • Inspect blower wheel and wheel alignment: Ensures proper air movement, longer life and quiet operation
  • Inspect supply and return air ducts for leaks in immediate vicinity of unit: Lowers operating cost, increases comfort
  • Cycle furnace from the thermostat: Ensures proper operation
  • Examine general condition of furnace cabinet and ductwork: Ensures safety and proper airflow
Air Conditioning Cleaning & Tune-Up
  • Check refrigerant temperatures and pressures for proper level: Makes sure your system is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Measure compressor amp draws: Ensures that you system is using the right amount of electricity
  • Test high voltage at outdoors disconnect box: Make sure the input voltage is adequate.
  • Inspect and tighten high-voltage connections: Helps prevent failure of circuit protectors.
  • Level and calibrate thermostat: Ensures accurate and optimal performance.
  • Inspect refrigerant fittings for leaks: To be sure you are not leaking expensive refrigerant
  • Lubricate indoor and outdoor motors (Belt Drive Motor Only): Motor runs cooler and smoother, and lasts longer
  • Check wiring at furnace for loose connections: Protect electronic components from excess heat
  • Tighten blower bolts and inspect fan: Makes sure your system is blowing as much cold air as possible
  • Inspect and clean or replace air filters (Standard size only): Improves performance and keeps the air you breath clean
  • Inspect and adjust blower belt if applicable (can fail or wear faster): Helps the belt last longer and perform more efficiently
  • Inspect condensate drain to ensure the drain is clear: Prevent leaks and overflows that can cause water damage
  • Test temperature split between supplies and return ducts: Ensures that everything is operating efficiently
  • Check clearance around condenser to protect it from plants and shrubs: Enhances air flow around outdoor unit for peak efficiency
  • Inspect condenser coil: Keeps the coil cooler for better performance and a longer life
  • Scrub condenser surfaces: Prevents corrosion that can shorten condenser life
  • Tighten screws on condenser and check level: Eliminates vibrations and lowers noise level
  • Check compressor noise level: Helps identify and correct problems
  • Inspect breaker for condensing unit: Bad breakers cause excessive heat and early system failure
  • Tighten refrigerant access fittings: Ensures that expensive refrigerant is not leaking
  • Visually inspect inside ducting for dirt and mold: So you can keep it out of your air supply
  • Inspect ducting and connections for air loss: This is a common cause of inefficient systems
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Customer Reviews

Brian S

I’ve used Allied for a number of my HVAC needs, from the yearly furnace tune up to a full scale blower motor replacement. The receptionist staff is always very friendly and doesn’t transfer you to three techs to answer your question.

The service guys have all been on time (or early, which is awesome) and are considerate about wiping their feet, not touching the walls and in their post-work cleaning. Never had so much as a scrap left on the floor.

Their prices are a bit high, but I’d rather pay for good work and good service.

Terry Taggart

Jon did a wonderful job repairing our evaporative cooler. He diagnosed the problem, over nighted the part, and repaired our unit in record time. We greatly appreciated his honest assessment and reliable repair. We would definitely us Jon and Allied Heating and Air again.

Shannon H

In the fall, we had got a bid to move our air conditioner from our deck over to the side of our house, and it was almost $7000! There was no way we could afford to do that, so we resigned ourselves to talking over our loud air conditioner in the summer months. However, Allied came out to bid the project, and came in more than $5,000 less!

The guys were out yesterday, and I couldn’t be more pleased. They were to my house at the beginning of the time window (not waiting around for them to show up). The technicians were very knowledgeable, and checked in with me if they ran into any issues (there were a couple) before continuing. My air conditioner is running better than it ever has as they cleaned all the gunk out that had collected over the years, and now I can sit on my back deck and have a normal sound level conversation! I will use them again, and recommend anyone to do the same.

William B

Very quick response, even on a weekend. Their work was very professional and honest. They covered my issue under warranty, even though the warranty had expired.


If you need repair, new equipment, or just have questions, Allied is the go-to HVAC company in the Denver Metro. They are simply one of the good companies around who actually provides quality service. They are technically knowledgeable, helpful, and good at what they do.

If you are unsure or wavering, rest assured, they will help you out. I will definitely use them again!

Brenda T

I contacted Allied today because my furnace stopped working last night. I called the office at 8:00am and the front desk person was extremely friendly and told me that they were pretty busy but would try to get me in. She called back 10 minutes later and said that she moved some “non-emergency” calls around so she could get a tech to my house asap. The tech showed up 20 minutes later and fixed my problem. I would highly recommend this company for not only their speedy response but for actually caring about my family and doing everything they could to make sure we had heat!

Shannon H.

Allied came highly recommended from another company that couldn’t get to my house to fix my dead furnace on the coldest day of the year. Their call center folks were very pleasant and had a technician to my house within the hour. The tech was very knowledgeable and had my furnace up and running within 2 hrs. I will use them again.

Mike Stein

Awesome customer service and Ed was a great furnace technician. Answered all my questions and put me at ease. I would use Allied again and refer to friends.

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